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Sigma Pi Iota-Tau Fall 2023 In Review

By Cooper Smith

In the fall of 2023, Sigma Pi Fraternity seamlessly transitioned after the departure of 21 seniors, maintaining a vibrant presence through diverse activities that outlined the fraternity's commitment to brotherhood, community engagement, inclusivity, and philanthropy.

Demonstrating an unwavering commitment to brotherhood, Sigma Pi excelled in the Greek games, triumphing over other fraternities through collaboration and teamwork. Whether within the chapter or casual gatherings at members' homes, the fraternity provided ample opportunities for members to reconnect, fostering strong bonds and open conversations.

Addressing their goal of being a positive ally in the community, Sigma Pi organized a park cleanup at Cunningham Park, where members dedicated their time to weekend trash collection, strengthening camaraderie while making a tangible impact on the local environment.

In the pursuit of inclusivity, Sigma Pi welcomed five new members through the rush process, individuals dedicated to upholding the fraternity's values. Additionally, participation in enlightening sessions such as "Understand the LGBTQ+ Community '' led by Spectrum and a bystander workshop led by SOAR showcased the fraternity's commitment to understanding diverse social aspects and being socially responsible.

Philanthropy remained a cornerstone for Sigma Pi, with impactful events raising funds for various causes. The stair walk, conducted in collaboration with Gamma Phi Beta and the New York CityFire Department, paid tribute to the first responders of September 11th, 2001. The chapter raised over $2,100 for the Tunnels to Towers Foundation. In October, the chapter pushed for Breast Cancer Awareness, raising over $800 in collaboration with Alpha Sigma Alpha.November saw a dedicated focus on Multiple Sclerosis research, with events like a movie night co-hosted by Phi Sigma Sigma and the entertaining "Pie a Pi" fundraiser, contributing not only funds but also joy for participants.

As the fall of 2023 concludes, Sigma Pi reflects on a season of positive contributions to both the fraternity and the broader community. The charity works, community service, and campus events set the stage for a promising Spring 2024, building on the momentum for continued success.


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