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Why Join Sigma PI

Iota Tau?

In September of 2015, the Iota-Tau chapter of Sigma Pi Fraternity International was founded. Grounded in Scholarship, Leadership, and Service, in a short time on the Queens Campus of St. John's University, we have made an indelible impact. We will continue to strive to make positive change to both our campus and global community.

Who We Are

The Iota Tau Chapter of Sigma Pi is a men's leadership organization on the campus of St. John's University in Queens, NY. We exist to promote fellowship among a diverse set of highly motivated students, develop character and leadership skills, enable academic excellence, participate in and inspire service to our campus and community, and advance heightened moral awareness. Combined, our values and members lay the foundation for a well-rounded college and lifelong experience.

Leadership & Involvement

Our members are not only involved in Greek life, but are active in multiple different groups on campus including:

President's Society

Residence Life (RAs and SRAs)

New Student Orientation Leaders (OLs)

Student Government Inc.

Student Ambassadors 

Residence Life Association

Honor Societies

...And Many More!

Our brothers are always willing to connect fellow brothers to their student organizations. Joining Sigma Pi will greatly expand your campus network.



Service is the core value we as a fraternity value the most. One of our philanthropies is the ACE project which stands for Altruistic Campus Experience. This was designed by our National Council as a means of giving back to the chapter’s host institution and community. We have hosted Sigma Puppies for quite a few years now, and have dedicated a bench on campus. For the past few semesters the Iota-Tau Chapter has been worked on a variety of campus wide philanthropy events. These include a softball game and stair run raising money for 9/11 victims families.  In 2020, The Iota Tau Chapter was the one of the top Fundraiser for the schools Relay For Life Fundraiser. 


Sigma Pi participates in a variety of different sports on campus. Competing in IFC and Intramural competition (in every sport), there is a sport for everyone. Not only does Sigma Pi compete, but we win as well. In our short time on campus, we have already lost count of championships we've received. Multi-time champions of softball, dodgeball, and more, Sigma Pi is the Gold Standard in fraternity athletics.  In 2017, 2019, and 2020 we won the NIKI Cup. 



Who says Fraternal Gentlemen don't care about academics? Sigma Pi has one of the HIGHEST median GPA of all fraternities on campus and are initiates of many Honor Societies!




Sigma Pi has an awesome relationship with all sororities on campus, and they love hanging out with us. If you join us, there will be no doubt that you will befriend girls in Gamma Phi Beta, Phi Sigma Sigma Sigma, and Alpha Sigma Alpha, just to name a few orgs.  If you want to make some friends on campus, Sigma Pi can certainly help you do that!

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