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Iota tau sweeps at sigma pi convocation 2022

By: Greg Auteri & Dean J. Condoleo

President Greg Auteri, Vice President Jack Corriea, and Secretary Anthony Ferraioli had the privilege of attending Convocation in San Antonio, Texas, this past week. They had a great experience networking with other Sigma Pi brothers, electing a new Grand Sage, and of course, accepting awards.

Iota Tau brought in a total of 9 awards, and most importantly, for the THIRD time in a row, the Grand Sage Cup Award. Listed below are the names and descriptions of our awards and their recipients.

Lyle Smith Chapter Advisor Award - Yugi Paul

This individual award is presented in recognition of the outstanding Chapter Advisor during the last biennium.

Harold Jacobsen Award - Greg Auteri (Sage)

This individual award is presented in recognition of the outstanding leadership an undergraduate brother provides on campus at his college or university during the last biennium.

Michael P. Carey Award - Jack Corriea (Vice President)

This individual award is presented in recognition of the outstanding leadership of an undergraduate brother within the chapter during the last biennium.

Cletus A. Broecker Award - Ryan Kasper, WALK2END Alzheimer's

This individual award is presented in recognition of the undergraduate whose efforts have provided the greatest contribution to philanthropy and/or community service project sponsored by the chapter or another organization during the last biennium.

Young Alumni Volunteer Award - Ryan Sullivan

The Sigma Pi Young Alumni Volunteer Award may be awarded to a Sigma Pi alumnus who, over the course of a Biennium, has demonstrated outstanding service as a volunteer to Grand Chapter, Sigma Pi Chapter, Colony Alumni Club, or their university's Fraternity & Sorority Life system.

William J. Cutbirth, Jr. Award – Community Service

This award recognizes the chapter with the best overall community service program. This includes voluntary work that is intended to help people in your community. The term of the award shall include a project that was undertaken during the most recent biennium.

Louis Foley Newsletter Award – Dean Condoleo

This award is presented annually to the alumni organization that has published the most outstanding alumni newsletter during the academic year. Winning selections are chosen based upon editorial excellence (subject matter and composition), pictorial excellence (subject matter and reproduction), alumni coverage (news about alumni and news of interest to alumni), typographic appearance (format and make-up, readability, and organization), and frequency of issue.

Justice Curtis Shake Province Archon Award - Ian Wolf

This individual award is presented in recognition of a Province Archon who excelled in their position during the last biennium.

Grand Council Award

This award recognizes the most outstanding top 3 chapters in each tier.

Grand Sage Cup, 3PEAT

This award recognizes the most outstanding chapter in each tier.

Greg Auteri:

"Iota Tau Wins," said past Grand Sage Joe Palazzolo, and he couldn't be more correct. The brothers of our chapter are more than blessed to continue the legacy the great alumni put in place for us. This would not have been remotely possible without the hard work of each and every individual in our chapter.

I also want to give a special shout-out to our Chapter Advisor Yugi Paul, Province Archon Ian Wolf, and Grand Sage Joe Palazzolo. Without you, three, none of this would have been possible because when we were down, you did not give up on us, and you taught us how to learn from our mistakes and become an absolute powerhouse of a fraternity. Thank you for trusting us to lead a Sigma Pi Chapter.

When you have an amazing platform to help and benefit others, you take it seriously, and that's exactly what we've been doing for the past seven years. The number of lives our chapter has directly affected is overwhelming; everyone should be proud of that.

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