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Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and Walking to End Alzheimer’s

Dean J. Condoleo

This October, the men of the Iota Tau Chapter of Sigma Pi Fraternity raised money to help fight Alzheimer's. Also, in partnership with the women of the Zeta Mu Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, and Alpha Sigma Alpha, the men of Iota Tau raised money for the American Cancer Society. In total, the organizations raised over $8500 for both causes.

The men of the Iota Tau Chapter held a Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Sale on St. John's University's campus to raise money to help fight Alzheimer's. The brothers made it out to Flushing Meadows Corona Park to join the 2021 Alzheimer's Walk. Brother Ryan Kasper reflected on the cause stating how "I [he] wanted to raise as much money as I could because I know how Alzheimer's can affect people and their families. The Alzheimer's Walk meant so much to me because I think about my grandmother, who has dementia, and how it has affected her and my family. I knew she would do the same for me, donating and raising money in an effort to stop such a terrible disease."

"The Alzheimer's Association Walk to End Alzheimer's is full of flowers, each carried by someone committed to ending this disease. Because like flowers, our participants don't stop when something's in their way. They keep raising funds and awareness for a breakthrough in the fight against Alzheimer's and all other dementia," per the Alzheimer's Association's website.

The men of the Iota Tau Chapter, with the women of the Zeta Mu Chapter and Alpha Sigma Alpha, sold ribbons on St. John's University's campus, with all proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. Both organizations joined the walk in Coney Island in support of ending breast cancer. Over $5,550 was raised for the cause.

"For more than two decades, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer has united communities in the fight against this deadly disease and funded breakthrough research, 24/7 support for breast cancer patients, and access to lifesaving screenings. Today, Making Strides is the largest network of breast cancer events in the nation," per the American Cancer Society's website. Making Strides Against Breast Cancer has traveled all around the country since 1993 and continues to make changes in millions of peoples' lives today.


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