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Sigma Puppies: Huge Success!

On October 30th, Iota-Tau continued their annual tradition as they partnered up with SJUServes and the Student Veterans Association for their 3rd Annual Sigma Puppies Event. As Iota-Tau’s signature event, a tradition started three years ago under Andrew Calvano, Sigma Puppies is an event that sweeps through campus and attracts people of all ages from around the local area as they take part in raising awareness for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Veterans.

Leading up to the event, a large amount of logistical planning and marketing took place to ensure that this was the largest Sigma Puppies yet. The committee was that was tasked with planning the event this year was President, Dom Pintavalle, Vice-President Elect, Anthony Savino, Herald, George Mattheos, and Co-Ace Chairman, Connor Gallagher. Iota-Tau turned heads as they utilized all social media platforms to market their event with a variety of graphics, pictures, and videos. In addition to that, t-shirts were solid to the public, and even included the Fraternity Pup, Wilbur, on the back!

Our social media campaign this year, was recognized and complimented Campus-wide, by students, facilitators, and administrators. We aimed to truly get our message across, which is to raise awareness for PTSD in the military, and the service dogs that can help out these soldiers. (Above are some of the graphics). On top of this our video also got a lot of attention which can be found on all of our social media accounts.

During the event, our furry friends, (service dogs), Riley and Maggie, came from The Good Dog Foundation arrived and enjoyed the attention and treats that they were receiving. Sigma Puppies was also highlighted by St. John’s’ own veterans making an appearance and showing their appreciation for the event.

After an eventful day for Iota-Tau, President Dom Pintavalle commented on the event: "Today is one of those days that makes you appreciate this phenomenal brotherhood. This is an event that requires a ton of coordination and planning. Thank you everyone for coming and doing their part to raise awareness for PTSD. This is what separates us from the others. This is what makes us unique. This is why the hours of hard work are worth it."

Sigma Puppies raised nearly $2,000 and was the largest event to date in Iota-Tau history. All funds will be donated to the Student Veterans Association of St. John's University. The men of Iota-Tau hope to build on the success of the event as they begin to plan for the Spring 2018 Semester.

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