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St. John's Welcomes Sigma Pi Brother Mike Ayalon

On January 26th, 2017 St. John's University welcomed Sigma Pi brother and CEO of Greek University, Mike Ayalon, to speak on alcohol and drug abuse in Marillac Auditorium. Mr. Ayalon spoke on the ill-effects of alcohol and drug abuse, by citing what he noticed while an undergraduate student at SUNY Buffalo. Mr. Ayalon also referenced specific facts and figures about drugs and alcohol that apply directly to NYC college students, which certainly resonated with the audience comprised of St. John's University students.

Greek University, Mr. Ayalon's company, offers standardized training and workshops for Greek Life all over the nation. As stated on,

"In addition to our University speakers that travel all over North America, we also offer additional services like workshops, recruitment assistance, independent membership reviews, advisor training, TIPS for University™ training, board of directors training, curriculum design, and one-on-one coaching. At Greek University, we will provide you with the first ever online new member development program for a consistent and comprehensive values-based learning experience for all members of your organization and your Greek community, which will be accessible 24 x 7."

Greek University is certainly a game changer on the Greek Life scene, and St. John's University was honored to have Mr. Ayalon himself speak to all of St. John's Fraternity and Sorority members.

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